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The LloydPergs

An offbeat comedy about a father/son creative clash.


Gavin Lloyd and Shane Pergrem’s comedy short film is a hilarious and relatable exploration of the creative clash that can arise when two artists attempt to collaborate. The film follows the interactions between a father and his stepson, as they team up to create a submission for an upcoming film festival. The stepson, reluctant to work with his father, is quickly frustrated by their differing opinions and approaches to filmmaking.

What makes the film so successful is the strength of its comedic writing. The humor is fresh, irreverent, and packed with clever gags and one-liners. The filmmakers expertly bring to life the uncomfortable dynamic between the two lead characters and mine it for laughs without ever sacrificing the authenticity of the relationships.

The film is also well-shot and expertly edited, with a strong visual sense that elevates the humor and heightens the comedic impact. While the father and stepson characters can occasionally veer towards the annoying, the talented cast keep the audience invested and laughing along.

Overall, Lloyd and Pergrem’s comedy short is a fun and witty film that will particularly resonate with creative types and filmmakers. It is clever, well-executed, and consistently hilarious making it a must-watch for anyone who appreciates high-quality comedy.

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Runtime: 10 min
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