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Picnic Under A Gibbet

A fiercely witty satire set in the middle ages.


Directed by Richard Corso, from a script by Gregory Ferbrache & Rebecca Gorman O’Neill, ‘Picnic Under A Gibbet’ is a short comedy film that takes a satirical look at a viral epidemic in the middle ages. The film delves into the head-to-head of two eccentric characters, The Jester and The Fool. A hilariously absurd narrative that explores themes of society, politics, betrayal and survival.

The 17-minute film opens with The Jester (Sean Michael Cummings) and The Fool (Cody Dermon) having a picnic under the hanging corpse of the dead King. The film is entirely shot with black and white cinematography – utilizing the early cinematic 4:3 aspect ratio. Throughout the short, The Jester and The Fool engross themselves in drawn-out debates about the current plague (an echo of the COVID-19 pandemic) and the affairs of the Kingdom. Upon the arrival of The Doctor (Leonard Barrett Jr.), who has a desire to cure the King, the film shifts into an intricate election of succession. Terry Burnsed provides voice-over narration.

Richard Corso (Director) never fails to deliver quirky, albeit enthralling narratives. Corso is a visionary director who employs all of his creative forces to implement a unique experience for the audience. ‘Picnic Under A Gibbet’ is an exceptional piece of filmmaking – with elaborate production/costume design, a fiercely witty plot and charismatic characterization. Audience intrigue will endure throughout the unduly lengthy dialogue, a nod to Sean Michael Cummings and Cody Dermon’s captivating performances. A gripping watch. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 18 min
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