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A Rhythmic Fever

A film that showcases the accomplished tap dancer Jumaane Taylor.


Filmed and directed by Alex Horner, ‘A Rhythmic Fever’ is a short documentary that follows Jumaane Taylor as he tap-dances around the city of Chicago. The film explores Taylor’s passion for tap dance and the fundamental effect it has had on his life thus far. The documentary is constructed of various citywide cinematography that showcases his craft, assembled with his own narration. A charming watch from start to finish.

The 4-minute film opens with Taylor performing under a rail bridge. His proficient talent is certain to spellbind the audience. We learn, through his voice-over, about the exhilarating liberation that tap-dance rewards him, and its fulfilling link to community engagement. Superior editing and sound design cumulate in entrancing viewing throughout. The sound of Taylor’s tap is fused with city ambience, presenting a dramatic spectacle that will captive and entertain.

Alex Horner has created a delightful film that shines an alluring light on an accomplished dancer. Rob Prochnow’s masterful editing and Nick Mihalevich’s sound design deserves high praise. Cinematography (by Alex Horner) is equally commendable, exhibiting outstanding scenery as a backdrop to Taylor’s performances. Albeit short and sweet, the documentary will treat viewers to a breath-taking Cityscape of Chicago, whilst reveling in artistic brilliance. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 4 min

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