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In My Room

Discrete’s immersive and experimental music video.


Colin Greenfield’s direction on Discrete’s music video has brought an eerily beautiful visual experience in five minutes. With Ben Apgar playing the part of a construction surveyor, the video quickly sets up an ambiance of isolation and paranormality. The surveyor makes his way through the basement level of a building, the only illumination source coming from his lamp. The bubbling paranoia seeps in quickly as he maneuvers through the empty underground.

The music composition from Discrete has a compelling beat that meshes well with the unravelling visuals. The music’s build-up and drop add to the tense atmosphere, cleaving the thin line between the reality and the psychological effects eating away at the protagonist. The cinematography is mind-boggling – elegant and breath-taking at the same time.

The post-production is well done, adding filters and subtle visual effects that make the vibe of the video infectiously haunting. To sum it up, the collaboration works perfectly, delivering a gratifying experience. From the direction to the music and the cinematography, every aspect comes together fittingly to engross the audience in a bizarre dimension.

In My Room - Music Video


Runtime: 7 min

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