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My Toy

A touching drama about state adoption in Scandinavia.


‘My Toy’ is an emotionally raw drama film directed by Mazen Haj Kassem, which delves into the challenging topic of state adoption in Scandinavia. Set in Denmark and produced in English, Danish and Arabic, the film focuses on the turmoil experienced by parents, separated from their children under the guise of adoption. The film’s culture and identity, combined with the interplay of childhood innocence, create an emotional view of an issue that isn’t talked about.

The film’s beauty stems from its engaging storytelling using excellent editing, a compelling story arc, outstanding cinematography, and an emotive musical score that draws the viewer into its world. The outstanding technical craftsmanship elevates this film’s compelling narrative even further, adding to the viewers’ emotional involvement.

Despite its short 8-minute runtime, ‘My Toy’ is rich in gripping and emotive content. The film explores how two of the children, manipulated by a system, will work to maintain their adopted status to score personal points instead of seeing the familial integrity.

Overall, ‘My Toy’ is a stunning piece of cinema that empathetically portrays the devastating effects of state adoption. Mazen Haj Kassem’s direction, combined with an excellent cast and excellent cinematography, makes the movie a poignant and powerful exploration into this sensitive topic. A must-watch film on culture and identity in Scandinavia and the issues surrounding it.

My Toy Short Film


Runtime: 8 min
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