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A drama that delves into a woman’s self-condemnation amidst a global pandemic.


Directed by Tommy Pascale, from a script by Pascale, Cheyanne Glazier & Chloe Cosette, ‘Oblivion’ is a short drama that explores a woman’s wrestle with grief during an apocalyptic-style pandemic. Kelcie Weber stars as Charlotte, a nurse wracked with guilt over the loss of her friend Preston (David Walton Rice). The short explores themes of spirituality, friendship, the afterlife and mental health.

The 12-minute film opens with an array of media reports regarding a global viral pandemic – a startling watch that is reminiscent of recent years. Six months have passed since Preston’s death, and Charlotte finds herself caring for his ill-stricken daughter amidst a collapse in society. The film follows her unyielding determination to keep her alive. A haunting, albeit poignant narrative that probes at self-condemnation and bereavement.

Kelcie Weber (Charlotte) delivers a gripping performance throughout. Her astute portrayal rewards viewers with a tensity and empathy. Praiseworthy cinematography and production/costume design aid the cataclysmic narrative flawlessly. Sound, editing and music are equally commendable. Tommy Pascale (Director/Co-writer) has created a fascinating drama that parallels the COVID-19 pandemic. The film bravely dabbles with spiritualty in the form of Preston’s ghostly presence – a comfort to the protagonist’s bereft existence. A captivating watch.

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Runtime: 13 min

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