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Two’s A Crowd

A witty British comedy centred around two mismatched actors.


Angus Castle-Doughty, Andy Burse, and Laura Manners’s short comedy film is a laugh-out-loud funny and entertaining exploration of two aspiring actors auditioning for a comedy series. The writing by Angus Castle-Doughty is witty and outlandish, and the narrative aptly captures the growing conflict and animosity between the two lead characters.

The film is further elevated by excellent performances by the entire cast but especially by Angus Castle-Doughty as Finlay and Andy Burse as Henry. Both actors deliver convincing yet over-the-top performances that enhance the film’s comical tone.

The cinematography is great, with creative camera work and neat framing. The sound and editing of the film are excellent, enhancing the overall quality and adding yet another layer of strength to the production.

What shines through the most is the excellent writing and characterisation that shine through in every scene. The punchy dialogue is hilarious, and the characters are expertly crafted and brought to life, making for an incredibly enjoyable viewing experience.

Overall, Angus Castle-Doughty, Andy Burse, and Laura Manners’s comedy film is a fantastic work. It’s energetic, well-written with a great script that showcases their creativity and comic abilities. With great acting, killer cinematography, and excellent sound design and editing, this film is a “must-see” for fans of comedy and aspiring filmmakers. It’s a great showcase of their talents.

Two's A Crowd Short Film


Runtime: 21 min

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