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Nice Guy

A romantic comedy that delves into one man’s troubled dating life.


Nice Guy is a much-needed breath of fresh air in the world of romantic comedies, brought to life by the talented Mark Daniel Cade. The film perfectly captures the challenges of modern-day dating and creates a story that anyone can relate to. Mark Daniel Cade is at the top of his game as Jim, a man whose well-meaning but overly respectful attitude to women is preventing him from being himself and finding love. The comedic performances by the eccentric characters in the film, along with the absurdity of their dates with Jim, add a touch of quirky humor that guarantees non-stop laughter.

Jan Michalik’s cinematography is top-notch and seamlessly captures the ridiculousness of Jim’s dating experiences. The perfect balance between imagery and sound also makes this a true masterpiece in sound and post-production. Speaking of music, the film’s soundtrack is the comical heartbeat of the entire story, bringing a lighthearted and humorous mood to the forefront.

Overall, ‘Nice Guy’ is a perfect film that entertains, captivates and leaves the audience in stitches. The genuine performances, professional production values, and visually appealing cinematography make this a must-watch for any lover of dating, romantic comedies or simply great films. Mark Daniel Cade deserves lots of praise for the humorous storytelling that makes ‘Nice Guy’ a true comedic gem.

Nice Guy Short Film


Runtime: 10 min
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