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A drama that explores mental health and loneliness.


Written and directed by Isaiah Harris, ‘Dreamless’ is a short drama film that explores a young woman’s mundane life. Calli Carroll stars as the central character – a spiritless teenager with no motivation to change. Sophie Harris co-stars as a zestful stranger who attempts to befriend the main character. The film poignantly explores themes of mental health, loneliness and friendship. The short is predominantly filmed in black and white to represent the characters bleak outlook.

The 13-minute film opens with the bland girl’s daily routine. The girl lives in isolation, has zero human interactions and consumes microwavable meals in front of the television. The monotonous lifestyle is interrupted when a neighbouring contemporary sets out to bond a friendship. After the depressed girl repeatedly dismisses her with criticism, an accident occurs which sparks an emotional flame and a catalyst to start a new and brighter life.

Calli Carroll’s portrayal deserves high praise – a moving performance throughout. The theme of mental health is not over-played, in regards to characterization and the narrative, which allows viewers to empathies and/or resonate with the loneliness and the lack of motivation. Cinematography, sound and editing is of an acceptable standard and delivered in high quality. Isaiah Harris and his cast/crew have delivered a melancholic film, albeit with a charming conclusion. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 13 min

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