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In Limbo

A sentimental drama with a comedic edge.


‘In Limbo’, the comedic drama directed by Anthony M. Veller and written by Kinsey Kunkel, is a promising film that explores the fate of a man who attempts suicide. Jason Gaglione delivers a solid performance as Wilhelm Yates, and Kunkel co-stars as “Death,” an eccentric character who helps him find a reason to live again.

While the film’s technical aspects, such as the cinematography and sound design, are decent, it falls short in terms of originality. The narrative is missing the spark needed to keep audiences engaged throughout the lengthy runtime. Although the dialogue is comedic, with some touching moments, the sentimentality can come across as soapy, leaving the viewer feeling emotionally detached rather than invested in the story.

Despite these flaws, ‘In Limbo’ is a well-acted and technically sound film. However, it could benefit from less melodrama and more originality to truly grip viewers and keep them engaged in the plot. Overall, it’s worth watching for Jason Gaglione and Kinsey Kunkel’s performances, as well as the neat cinematography and sound design, but falls short in other areas.

In Limbo Short Film


Runtime: 27 min
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