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Astronomy Walkers

A fantasy featurette that teases spirituality, psychology and astronomy.


Director Reno Anastasio’s latest project ‘Astronomy Walkers’ is a stirring and thought-provoking exploration of human spirituality and the psychology behind our fears and deepest desires. The film follows a tumultuous relationship between Mark James and Andressa Riveros’s characters as they confront a dark secret of one of their pasts.

Anchored by strong performances from James and Riveros, the film dives deeply into themes of trust, forgiveness, and redemption. The production quality is decent throughout, with excellent cinematography that draws viewers into the characters’ emotional journeys and immersive sound design that heightens the suspense of the plot.

Ultimately, the audience is left with more questions than answers. This featurette serves as an intriguing teaser, offering glimpses into what could potentially be a powerful and thought-provoking feature-length film. The film is anchored by its compelling premise, impressive acting, and sharp visual style, making it a must-see for fans of soulful and cerebral cinema.

Overall, ‘Astronomy Walkers’ hints at a larger mystery that will unravel in the future and keep viewers coming back for more. It is a promising glimpse into what the future holds for this talented filmmaker and his creative team.

Astronomy Walkers Film


Runtime: 5 min
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