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Cama para Tres

An LGBT-themed relationship drama that explores betrayal and heartbreak.


Eddie Valdes’ Spanish-language drama film is a captivating exploration of the complexities of LGBT relationships. The film’s narrative follows a lesbian couple who face challenges after one of them becomes pregnant by their partner’s ex-husband. While the storyline may seem unconventional, it’s executed with sensitivity and depth that made it work in engaging the audience.

The performances by Cecilia Argüelles and Jazmín Caratini are standout, with both delivering nuanced performances that capture the emotional subtleties of the story. The chemistry between the two leads and their delivery of the dialogue are believable and genuine, enhancing the authenticity of the film’s themes.

Technically the film is well-crafted, with beautiful framing and cinematography that bring a stylish look to the production. The editing and sound mixing also deserve credit, maintaining a consistent pace and mood throughout.

Despite some moments that may feel a bit ‘soapy’, the narrative is still captivating to watch. It deftly balances the drama of the situation with the humor and joy that these characters share, creating a believable world where these relationships can exist without judgment or reservation.

Overall, Eddie Valdes’ drama film is a finely crafted exploration of the complexities of LGBT relationships. With strong lead performances and creative framing, this short film is a thoughtful and insightful glimpse into a world rarely seen on the big screen.

Threesome Short Film


Runtime: 12 min
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