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A witty comedy about an unforgettable Uber pool ride.


Eddie Valdes’s short comedy film is a humorous look at Uber’s pool taxi service in Puerto Rico. The film follows first-time driver Fernando, who becomes swamped with his car carrying three clients simultaneously, providing a chaotic yet laughter-inducing experience.

The film, almost shot as a single stream of footage, squashes the distinction between the passengers and the driver, creating an invisible and fly-on-the-wall perspective for its viewers. A deeply immersive and enjoyable watch, it provides an engaging and laugh-worthy perspective into the hectic process of an Uber pool service.

The cast delivered remarkable performances throughout, with Georgina Borri taking the center stage with perfect comic timing, serving to anchor the humor and enhance the overall appeal of the film.

In terms of production value, the film is exceptional given its means. Though the cinematography is relatively basic, it still manages to maintain the necessary levels of intimacy, which makes the entire film feel more alive.

Overall, Eddie Valdes’s Uber pool service is an engaging and funny watch, which highlights the comic moments that often get lost in translation amidst the chaos of everyday life. This fun-filled production perfectly captures the sheer craziness of fighting for time in an Uber pool ride. The final production value is a magnificent feat, especially considering its budget. The poignant cast, charmingly simple cinematography, and easy production value combine to give an overall authentic experience worth viewing.

Ubering Short Film


Runtime: 12 min
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