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Roger Must Die

A gripping tale of female empowerment and revenge with a comical underbelly.


Allison Shrum’s short drama film delivers a thrilling and empowering story, offering a raw perspective into the life of an insufferable housewife trying to free herself from her cold and overbearing husband. As Lindsey Akers leads the way as the central character, the film explores themes of female empowerment and revenge more in-depth towards the film’s climax.

The film encapsulates its darkly comical undertones, providing some laugh-out-loud moments with the character’s brilliantly woven storytelling style. The emotional nuances mix positively with humor-based elements and keep the film’s momentum moving along.

Shrum’s direction crafts a believable world of character interaction that allows the protagonists to flourish throughout. Combined with breathtaking cinematography by Emileigh Potter, and amazing sound and editing, a visceral and stylish presentation illuminates the performance of Lindsey and Sara De La Hay – who provide deeply characterful and truly lively performances.

As a short film, the production values hold a touch of merit, and the attention to detail does wonders when it comes to establishing the narrative. The satisfactory quality of all departments ensures that all viewers remain hooked from start to finish.

Overall, Allison Shrum’s drama film represents an accomplished narrative centred-around on an insufferable housewife seeking a way out of a loveless marriage. The calm and composed Taylor Novak completes perfectly the synergy between the characters in the story’s wonderfully crafted world. In its entirety, the film translates incredibly well into a visual experience that owes much success to the brilliant directorial work of Allison Shrum and the outstanding performances of the cast. It strikes an excellent balance between humor and drama to convey a compelling and enjoyable analytical artistic experience that any viewer will enjoy.

Roger Must Die Short Film


Runtime: 11 min

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