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My Light

A heart-wrenching tale of grief and loneliness.


This short film is a stunning example of heartfelt storytelling that captures the essence of love, grief, and loss in a deeply moving way. Mickey Roberts and Gianni Damaia have perfectly crafted the story, creating a vivid world that takes us on a journey through heartbreak and moments of profound connection. The black and white cinematography lends a timeless feel to the piece, making the emotions even more raw and immediate.

The performances by John Barbier and Elle Kenwood are exceptional, with both actors embodying the complexities of their characters with skillful precision. Kenwood, in particular, gives a deeply affecting performance that is certain to leave viewers touched and moved.

The technical aspects of the film are also highly impressive, with the use of music, lighting, and editing all contributing to the emotional impact of the story. The music, in particular, is used to great effect, guiding us through the various stages of the couple’s shared experience.

Overall, this short film is a beautiful and heart-wrenching tale that is highly recommended to anyone in search of a moving and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

My Light Short Film


Runtime: 9 min

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