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Cold Blood

A gripping thriller about an abusive relationship.


Directed by Morgan Grunefeld and written by Grunefeld & July Janssen, ‘Cold Blood’ is a short dramatic thriller that explores abusive behavior within a relationship. July Janssen stars as Jacks, a pregnant woman who retreats to her boyfriends during the COVID-19 pandemic. Geoffrey Thompson co-stars as the abusive boyfriend, Loeän. The film showcases themes of isolation, mental health and coercive control. ‘Cold Blood’ (‘Koud Bloed’) is entirely in the Dutch language with English subtitles. A gripping narrative from start to finish.

The 24-minute film opens with Jacks driving through the countryside, en route to her boyfriend’s home. Jacks has just discovered her pregnancy, much to her mother’s disappointment. Her best friend is wary of the “strange” new boyfriend, but that doesn’t defer her journey. Loeän initially appears charming – with romantic gestures and loving behavior, but the relationship takes a dark turn when Jacks reveals she wants an abortion. Loeän holds Jacks captive, intoxicating her with drugs and keeping her in the basement. His motive is to control Jacks and their unborn child. A tense thriller throughout.

Morgan Grunefeld and July Janssen have created a poignant narrative that doesn’t shy away from showcasing the dark extremities of domestic abuse. Janssen’s performance as Jacks is outstanding from the get-go – delivering character vulnerability flawlessly. Geoffrey Thompson’s performance as Loeän – the abusive boyfriend – is frighteningly vivid and thoughtfully portrayed. Cinematography is breath-taking throughout, with astonishing exterior footage and equally captivating interior shots. Production design, lighting and locations reward the film with an authentic professional finish. Editing, sound and music are equally praiseworthy. ‘Cold Blood’ is a well-produced short film that bravely and powerfully examines relationship abuse. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 25 min
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