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A poignant drama about grief, race and motherhood.


Varnie‘s short drama film is a powerful exploration of grief and anger in the face of senseless violence. The film follows Moe, played with great emotional depth by Ariel Blake, who is struggling to come to terms with the death of her partner, and father of her unborn child, in a racially motivated attack.

As Moe contemplates the future of her growing family, she is also grappling with deep resentment toward her partner’s brother, who she holds partially responsible for the tragedy. The film does not shy away from the complexity of grief and the difficulties of reconciling with loved ones in the aftermath of loss.

The cinematography by Tiffany Armour Tejada is stunning, capturing both the natural beauty of the film’s setting and the intimacy of Moe’s emotional journey. Additionally, the sound and editing work together seamlessly to create a deeply immersive experience.

Ariel Blake’s performance as Moe is both raw and nuanced, conveying the character’s layered emotions with authenticity and skill. The supporting cast also deliver strong performances, grounding the film’s themes in reality.

Varnie‘s short film is a poignant and heartbreaking tale that touches on universal themes of love, loss, and the human urge to find meaning in tragedy. It is a powerful reminder of the ongoing struggle for justice and healing in society.

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