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Date Night Look

An edgy thriller that delves into addiction and transhumanism.


Wesley Wingo has delivered a gripping, 12-minute short film that explores the complexities of addiction and transhumanism. The film, starring Faith Porter as a despondent young woman and Timothy C. Goodwin as her date, takes place at a Tiki bar and provides an input into a narrative that is loaded with tension. The characters’ incompatibility from the beginning makes for awkward yet compelling viewing. A slow start does not detract from the well-produced and impressive cinematography by José Andrés Cardona.

The portrayal by Faith Porter is a highlight of the movie and deserves high praise. The narrative delves into the struggles of addiction, with a focus on the female lead character. The film’s exploration of transhumanism is intriguing but would benefit from further exploration. This short film seems to have much more story to tell and could easily make a great feature.

What brings it all together is the commendable effort on sound and post-production. Impressively executed, the sound and editing aid in setting the tone and emphasizing the narrative’s themes of addiction and transhumanism. Wesley Wingo has demonstrated his talent as a filmmaker by telling an engrossing story in just 12-minutes, making it impressive and impactful. Overall, with interesting themes, fantastic cinematography, and the commendable acting by Faith Porter, this is a must-watch.

Date Night Look Short Film


Runtime: 12 min
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