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Dope Gifts

A hilarious festive-themed comedy.


Written and directed by Ben Gerber, ‘Dope Gifts’ is a festive-themed comedy that follows a grandmother and her grandson and their unethical enterprise to raise funds to avoid a foreclosure. Chris Faltyn leads the cast as Jordan, with Suzanne Smith as Dianne. Additional cast include; Bruce Peoples as Jerry and Tiffany Coquis as Nicola. The short explores themes of jealousy, contention, family and drugs.

The 14-minute film opens in dramatic hilarity as Dianne receives a menacing phone call that threatens foreclosure on her property – unless she can pay the outstanding bill within 45 days. After being inspired by neighbor Jerry’s Christmas gift venture, Dianne, along with her jocular grandson Jordan, resort to selling Christmas wrapped street-drugs on her driveway. The venture proves a financial hit, which strikes a revengeful chord with neighbor Jerry and his granddaughter Nicole. A farcical comedy that is certain to produce a lot of belly-laughs.

High praise to Chris Faltyn (Jordan) – his waggish portrayal makes for highly entertaining viewing throughout. Ben Gerber has created an outstanding short with a unique narrative and comical characterization. Visually, cinematography is of an impeccable standard – wrapped up with neat editing, sound and music. ‘Dope Gifts’ is not just a seasonal movie – the witty plot stands strong enough to be enjoyed all year round. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 14 min

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