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Hope En Route

A COVID-19 tale that shines a light on the unheralded.


Directed by Des Matelske, from a screenplay by Matelske and Jeremy Marshall, ‘Hope En Route’ is a short drama film that encapsulates the integral functions of key workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The narrative, which is set during the infancy of the outbreak in 2020, follows a middle-aged truck driver, Dan (Daren Matelske), who perseveres through his taxing profession in spite of his ailing health. Additional cast include; Dani Matelske, CK Steele and Claire Arble. ‘Hope En Route’ is a candid tale that will take viewers back to the flummoxing intensity that brought trepidation across the globe.

Dan, a happy-go-luck trucker, finds himself at the forefront of an overwhelmed society. As hospitals and morgues become saturated by patients and fatalities, Dan is tasked with transporting vital medical ventilators, all the while indisposed with COVID-19 symptoms – which he discounts to his heavy smoking. The film is essentially a story about an ordinary man going above and beyond his call of duty.

Des Matelske and Jeremy Marshall have shone-a-light into the unheralded of the pandemic, which undoubtedly deserves high praise and acclaim. Under Matelske’s adept direction, with cinematic-style cinematography by Thomas Matheis, the film interprets the societal tone and mood flawlessly – which is further strengthened by Dan Matelske’s authentic portrayal. Sound and post-production are delivered to a high-quality standard throughout. An unmissable watch that acts as a solemn reminder of the caught-off-guard pandemic that almost crippled society. Highly recommended.

Hope En Route Short Film 1


Runtime: 16 min

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