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A drama that explores a young woman’s weight loss journey.


Directed by Stephanie Paz, from a script by Chardonné Paybter, ‘Consumed’ is a short drama film that takes a look at a young woman’s weight loss journey. Chardonné Paybter portrays the sole character. In spite of the film’s low-budget production quality, the narrative is well served throughout – highlighting the trials and tribulations of losing weight, physical insecurity and general mental health. The overriding message that the short attempts to illustrate is about sticking with a logical goal, in spite of setbacks or life changes.

The 3-minute short is almost entirely produced without any character dialogue, with an exception during the closing scene. The short opens with an introduction to the central character’s rigorous diet and work-out plan – with self-deprecating post-it-notes scattered across her refrigerator. The extreme journey is evidently causing the young woman psychological woes – as she frantically strives for a beach-ready body for an upcoming vacation in Rio.

Stephanie Paz and Chardonné Paybter have respectfully tapped into a pressing issue that effects many women (and men alike). Chardonné Paybter’s performance is admirable, albeit limited in length. The short would benefit from further exploration of the character’s mental fragility and her lack of self-confidence. Sound, post-production and cinematography is of a reasonable standard, yet far from cinematic. A tale of goal-setting and knock-backs that we can all resonate with.

Consumed Short Film


Runtime: 3 min

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