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A tense thriller that explores the anguish of alcoholism.


‘Doppelganger’, the short thriller film written and directed by Alex Ajello, is a haunting depiction of the struggles of alcoholism and the psychological effects of addiction. The film follows an alcoholic named Allen, played by Al Ajello, who is plagued by nightmares of being chased by a masked man. As the film progresses, we see that Allen is struggling with financial woes and marital issues, all while battling his addiction.

The film’s use of black and white cinematography effectively conveys the sense of despair that Allen is experiencing. Ty Decker’s camera work is particularly noteworthy, as it accurately captures the film’s themes and creates an unsettling atmosphere.

The performances in the film are excellent, with Al Ajello delivering a particularly commendable performance as the central character. He showcases the mental and emotional toll that alcoholism can take on a person and conveys the internal conflict that Allen feels.

Overall, ‘Doppelganger’ is a gripping and thought-provoking film that delves into the complexities of addiction and the human psyche. Despite its short runtime, the film leaves a lasting impression on the viewer, and Alex Ajello’s direction, combined with the strong performances and cinematography, make it a standout piece of cinema.



Runtime: 6 min

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