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Bagel Intervention

A witty comedy that takes a satirical look at addiction.


Directed by Alvaro Sebastian Gonzalez, from a script by Gonzalez & Thea Touchton, ‘Bagel Intervention’ is a short comedy that takes a satirical glimpse at addiction. A light hearted short that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The cast comprises of Thea Touchton (Meredith), Karuna Tanahashi (Rachel), Nick Santucci (Keith) and Jasmine NaTasha Anderson (Josie).

The 3-minute comedy opens with Meredith tied to a chair – under intervention by her work friends. Rachel, Josie and Keith scrutinize her breakfast diet of a bagel. Satisfied by her love for bagels, Meredith defends herself against the harsh condemnation – played out as if her addiction is debilitating. During the mediation, Josie’s addiction to coffee sparks another farcical intervention. Albeit short and sweet, the film is certain to produce a few belly-laughs. The film concludes with Keith’s own hypocritical dependency – Capri Sun.

Alvaro Sebastian Gonzalez and Thea Touchton have created an amusing short stemmed from its ludicrous narrative. High praise to the entire cast, particularly Nick Santucci (Keith) – a humorous delivery from start to finish. Visually, the film is professional shot with high quality cinematography and lighting. Music, editing and sound are equally commendable. ‘Bagel Intervention’ is a deliberately fast-paced short that rewards viewers with immediate entertainment. Highly recommended.

Bagel Intervention Short Film


Runtime: 3 min

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