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A Kaddish for Selim

A captivating tale of heroism and personal sacrifice.


Jane Wells’s 15-minute documentary is a moving and personal tribute to her uncle Selim Bernstien, a Jewish second-generation immigrant who bravely sacrificed his life during World War I for the British Army. The biographical film tells the story of Selim’s life, his call to duty and his eventual sacrifice, showcasing how many Jewish men courageously fought for their adopted country.

The film is a poignant and emotionally engaging lens into Selim’s life, providing a touching tribute to his sacrifice. Jane Wells’s narration is concise and effective, bringing gravitas to Bernstien’s accomplishment. The clever choice of still photography and sentimental artefacts presented throughout the doc narrates a visceral reminder of its themes, enhancing the reflective character of the content.

Overall, the film is a well-crafted work. The post-production services provided by Jane Wells showcase neat visuals, clean edits, and a sublime choice of ambient sound to deliver the immense nature of the story. The overall theme of how sacrifice spans beyond race and class – advancing to basic humanity of consequences encircling nations past, present, and future. Her personal touch brings familiarity to the message, presenting a resounding message of selflessness and commitment to a higher cause. A highly recommended documentary for anyone interested in World War I, history or for those in search of inspiring true personal accounts.

A Kaddish for Selim Short Documentary Film


Runtime: 15 min

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