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A psychological horror that explores a young man’s troubled mind.


‘Maltreat’, the psychological horror short film directed by Aidan Manley, is a chilling exploration of a young man’s troubled mind. The film delves deep into the themes of suicide and abuse while also touching on the complexities of sexuality.

Kenjiro Edwards delivers a stunning performance as Gisei-sha, a character struggling with deep psychological anguish. The film’s deliberate pacing and perplexing narrative effectively convey the confusion of Gisei-sha’s troubled psyche. The film’s low budget production values are well compensated by the cinematography, lighting and editing, which work in perfect harmony to create a spine-chilling atmosphere.

The sound design in ‘Maltreat’ is particularly noteworthy, as it heightens the tension and lends a disturbing quality to the violence portrayed in the film. While the message of psychological turmoil is clear, the film would benefit from further exploration of the character’s emotional woes, particularly his homosexuality.

Overall, ‘Maltreat’ is a thought-provoking film that leaves a haunting impression on the viewer. Despite its short runtime, Aidan Manley’s direction and Kenjiro Edwards’ performance make it a powerful piece of cinema that is well worth watching for fans of the psychological horror genre.

Maltreat Short Horror Film


Runtime: 4 min
Genre: ,

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