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Where We’re Going

A joyfully artistic dance film.


Heidi Duckler and Katherine Helen Fisher’s artistic short film is an ode to human happiness that explores community, joy, hope, and family through the fusion of dance and cinematography. Choreographed by Heidi Duckler and staged on the rooftop of Los Angeles’ Bendix Building, this three-minute dance film is a beautifully-crafted piece that captures every frame of joy in slow-motion.

One of the standout features of this film is the juxtaposition between the joyful visuals and the poignancy of the accompanying music score, which adds depth to the overall experience. Shimmy Boyle’s cinematography is impressively crafted, capturing the graceful movements of the dancers in an emotionally stirring and visually engaging way.

While this film will certainly appeal to a niche audience, it is still a joy to watch even for those unfamiliar with the art form. The thoughtful visuals, beautifully composed music score, and emotionally-charged dancing makes for an immersive experience that lingers long after the short film has ended.

Overall, Heidi Duckler and Katherine Helen Fisher’s short film is a beautiful, artistic creation that celebrates the human spirit and the simple yet profound moments of joy and togetherness. The film explores themes of community, hope, and family across cultures and generations, and does so in an authentic and emotionally resonant way that will lift the spirits of all its viewers.

Where We're Going Experimental Dance Film


Runtime: 3 min

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