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Cuddle Buddies

A drama that explores the healing effect of platonic intimacy.


Jordan A. Roman’s ‘Cuddle Buddies’ delivers a powerful and profound portrayal of mental health through Lucy, a compassionate and supportive professional cuddler. The 16-minute drama film tackles the often-neglected aspects of mental health, loneliness, and platonic intimacy with unparalleled sensitivity and elegance.

The storyline follows Lucy, portrayed brilliantly by Kaitlyn Clare, as she struggles with life as a single mother while also providing comfort and solace to people desirous of intimate physical contact. Lucy’s daily interactions with her clients and the strong bond that develops between them offer a glimpse into the importance of human connection in mental health.

Brennan Miller’s cinematography work, combined with a captivating script, makes the film both visually and intellectually stimulating. The seamless sound and editing work add a layer of sophistication that only amplifies the movie’s significance further.

‘Cuddle Buddies’ is a remarkable film that opens up a discussion on platonic intimacy. Lucy’s story teaches us something profound about human connection and mental health. This 16-minute drama is a must-watch for anyone looking for a film that is both thoughtfully crafted and deeply emotional. It is a moving tale of empowerment and healing that will leave the audience essentially touched.

Cuddle Buddies - Short Film


Runtime: 16 min

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