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Joe Schmoe: Private Eye

A nifty satire of classic film noir cinema.


Seth Glinsky’s short comedy film is a hilarious take on classic film noir, delivered with a satirical and tongue-in-cheek approach. The one-man production has Glinsky taking on all roles, including the central detective who probes the classic children’s photo-book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ for a client. The film’s low budget production techniques are offset by the quality sound, music, and post-production, creating a satirical homage to classic 1940s film noir.

The cinematography is praiseworthy, with Glinsky’s use of black and white tones setting the perfect mood for the satire. The film’s success, however, is largely due to Glinsky’s excellent narration skills, which are delivered in a classic film noir style, adding to the overall charm and hilarity of the film.

The satire is handled masterfully, with Glinsky not taking it too seriously, resulting in a film that is both clever and humorous. At only 4 minutes long, the film is a quick and enjoyable watch that is sure to leave audiences entertained.
Overall, Seth Glinsky’s short film is a delightful and inventive take on classic film noir, showcasing his creativity and talent as a filmmaker. The film’s combination of clever satire, quality production, and hilarious narration creates a comedic gem that is well worth watching.



Runtime: 4 min
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