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Silicon Caesar

A sci-fi that explores the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence.


Chuck Griffith’s sci-fi film is a thought-provoking and imaginative exploration of the ever-growing world of artificial intelligence. The story centres around a high-flying CEO of AI software, Caesar, played impressively by Johnny Santiago, whose narcissism and steely determination raises questions about his true motivations and intentions.

The film does an excellent job of delving into the potential consequences of AI, how it may change society and the many possibilities it holds. The screenplay effectively highlights some of the concerns surrounding AI such as unemployment, while offering a glimpse of the seemingly endless possibilities it holds.

While the film mostly focuses on the central character of Caesar, Griffith also carefully adds diversity in the story by presenting an openly gay character, giving fresh representation to the tech entrepreneur industry. This story-telling approach promotes the acceptance of inclusiveness and equal opportunity in the tech industry.

The technical aspects of the picture are also noteworthy, with stunning cinematography that effectively captures the imagination of the world-building, while good sound and editing elevate the story to an even higher level.

Overall, Chuck Griffith’s film is a captivating work that breathes new life into the AI-centered sci-fi genre. Not only does it touch upon the possibilities AI holds, but it also highlights several genuine social concerns born from this emerging technology. It’s an excellent and important watch that’s highly recommended for sci-fi enthusiasts looking for a fresh take on the subject matter.

Silicon Caesar Short Film


Runtime: 15 min
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