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The Gift

A festive drama about an unlikely friendship.


Written and directed by Vince Mirabile, ‘The Gift’ is a short drama film that tells the story of an aging nomad and his short-lived friendship with a homeless child. Scot Scurlock stars as Karl, the elderly wanderer, with Tatum Matthews as the displaced young girl. ‘The Gift’ is a charming film that explores themes of poverty, friendship, loss and magic.

The 6-minute film opens with Karl clutching his beer bottle and stumbling into an alleyway. He passes a young homeless girl, provokingly donating his bottle cap. After a hostile introduction, the two join forces to make their Christmas special – utilizing the girls psychic ability. Karl sets up a card trick stall, where they win bets from local passer-byers. After splitting the takings, they both part ways. Karl continues the trickery but is tragically attacked and subsequently dies. His wisdom inspires the young girl to change her life.

Scot Scurlock delivers an outstanding performance as the eccentric nomad. His no-nonsense outlook is captivating to watch. Tatum Matthews’s portrayal as the homeless girl deserves high praise – a confident young actress with promising talent. Visually, cinematography and lighting are captured with fine quality and with a professional finish. Editing, sound and music are equally on top-form. The narrative, particularly the tragic conclusion, is far from what an audience would expect from a Christmas movie – this may leave the viewer feeling less than merry. An endearing film, albeit heart-breaking. Highly recommended.

The Gift Short Film


Runtime: 6 min
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