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Uncanny Valley: Belly Kitchen & Bar

An appetising docu-short about the Belly restaurant.


Anthony A. DiMaria’s 22-minute documentary promises an entertaining culinary adventure as viewers are taken through the creation of the asian-fusion restaurant Belly in Phoenix, Arizona. The film dives into the history of the restaurant, introducing audiences to the passionate creators and talented chefs behind it.

The documentary is beautifully executed, with the cinematography radiating the warmth, charm, and charisma of the chefs and creators, revealing their dedication to the restaurant and its celebration of fresh and seasonal ingredients. The documentary bespeaks passions stemming from culinary revelations and explorations, ranging from the very creation of the restaurant to developing new recipes and dishes.

The sound and editing are comparable, providing a flowing, immersive experience, feeding delightful experiences with every piece of information shared. Watching the chefs meticulously crafting and cooking in their kitchen is a feast for the senses that only benefits from the exceptional camera work by DiMaria’s team.

Overall, Anthony A. DiMaria’s documentary highlights a great add to the classic culinary brotherhood trilogy: Food, local cuisine, and community. Anyone who enjoys exciting new culinary experiences and family-created origins is sure to find plenty to savor from watching it.

Uncanny Valley Belly Kitchen & Bar


Runtime: 22 min

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