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Bobby Zee’s offbeat crime comedy.


Bobby Zee’s short comedic action film is centered around the character of Jay, played by Nate Laymance, who is under immense pressure of paying back to a loan shark named Que played by Patrick Dixon. Based on the recommendation of his friend Demetrius, played by Devon Barckley, Jay decides to rob the house of a porn producer. However, things don’t go according to Jay’s plan, leading to a series of hilarious and comical ups and downs.

The film features great performances by the cast, especially Nate Laymance, who leads it brilliantly. However, despite the notable achievements of the artisans, the movie is slightly overstretched and could have been shortened to improve its overall impact. The narrative feels rather predictable, although the actors deliver their characters with precision, managing to add a comedic touch throughout.

The cinematography, lighting, and production design, all add well-rounded thrill and suspense, in what seems like a journey through the comedic crime genre. Bobby Zee’s focus on doing anything to avoid danger brings relatable qualities to the film, ultimately culminating in an understandable climax that is very satisfying.

Overall, it appears that this film is a good opportunity for viewers and fans of the crime genre to enjoy and revel in the laughs and twists that await them. The film provides a reasonable comedic workout that will appeal to anyone looking for something similar.

Boned - Short Film


Runtime: 25 min
Genre: ,

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