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History Shmystery

A satirical mockumentary delving into history and conspiracy theories.


Chad Weber’s mockumentary film takes on a satirical look at world history, with an outlandish concept that is reminiscent of conspiracy theories. The film is presented in a documentary-style format, with interviews, dramatized reenactments, and eccentric graphics.

Technically, the production of the film is well-executed, with strong performances from the actors, effective sound, and creative visuals. However, the comedic tone of the film may not resonate with all viewers, making it a tough sell for those not interested in a mockumentary-style comedy.

While there are a few funny moments throughout, the overall narrative feels disjointed and doesn’t quite engage or captivate. The lack of depth in the characters and disjointed narrative may have discouraged audience to invest their attention towards the film’s absurd (but not implausible) plot points.

In concluding, while Chad Weber’s mockumentary brings with it a creative and original concept, trying to fit it within a narrow comedic niche potentially takes away from the quality of the work. The film tries to blend humor with history but ultimately fails to hit the right beats to do justice to both elements fully. Consequently, it falls short, frustrating viewers that may have expected more.

History Shmystery Short Film


Runtime: 9 min

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