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A sci-fi that explores a young man’s heightened emotions.


Tyler Wisner’s short sci-fi film is a compact and neatly crafted piece of cinema that offers a glimpse into the complexities of human emotions in a futuristic world. The film centres around the fractured relationship between two brothers in a world called Adamah, where humanity’s darkest tendencies rise to the surface and family resentment runs deep.

The acting in the film is solid, delivering performances that are believable and emotion-driven. The cinematography is visually stunning, creating a world that is both bleak and alluring at the same time.

However, the narrative of the film does seem rushed, which detracts from the emotional impact of the story. There is little time to fully invest in the characters or the story and the plot feels incomplete. The film would have benefitted from a continuation or more time to explore the narrative fully.

Despite this, the film still manages to capture the sense of familial conflict and resentment that can plague relationships, even in a distant and alienating future.

In conclusion, while the narrative may feel incomplete, Tyler Wisner’s short sci-fi film is a solid piece of cinema that offers a provocative look at the dark side of humanity and familial dynamics.

Adamah Short Film


Runtime: 11 min
Genre: ,

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