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A poignant drama that highlights period poverty in the United Kingdom.


Libby Burke Wilde’s short film offers an poignant and detailed snapshot into the lives of school girls in Britain grappling with ‘period poverty’. The emotional story centers on protagonist Emily, played expertly by Imogen King, whose family is unable to provide basic sanitary necessities due to their financial situation. This starkly limits her ability to lead a normal life, and puts her in a precarious position relative to her female peers at school.

This topic of period poverty is significant as it affects young school girls in towns across the UK. Libby Burke Wild’s film brings light to this topic in a manner that’s touching, informative, and deeply emotional. The film hits all the stops, providing a moving and impactful portrayal of a recent UK societal issue.

The production values are high across the board, with Molly Manning Walker’s cinematography being one of its finest attributes, enshrouding the entire story with a wistfulness that feels poignant. The sound and editing also contribute adequately and appropriately to the message.

Overall, Lucy MacCarthy’s and Libby Burke Wilde’s outstanding work is a perfectly crafted example of storytelling that is powerful and leaves an indelible mark on viewers. By addressing an issue such as period poverty with sincerity, it is sure to raise awareness while delivering a heart-touching narrative that is as educational as it is informative. This film should not go unacknowledged, it presents an important fragment of life that needs to be discussed more to facilitate positive change within our world.

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Runtime: 5 min

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