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It’s Me

A young man attempts to kick start a new career in this self-deprecating dark comedy.


Written and directed by Pavlo Lykhoviter, ‘It’s Me’ is a short comedic drama film that explores a young man’s trials and tribulations of starting a new career. Lykhoviter stars as the central protagonist, Jan, who loathes his repetitive corporate job and his uncongenial colleagues. The narrative delves into his developing courage to resign and follows his aspirations to become a freelance writer. Vadym Burenko co-stars as The Driver – an eccentric crook with a story to share. The audience can expect fast-paced dark humor with sweeping cinematography throughout.

Viewers are introduced to Jan through his self-deprecating voice-over narration. We learn of his mundane and repetitive existence – both professionally and personally. The drama acts as a witty character study, unravelling his internal woes and subsequent hopes. After a close friend nudges Jan closer to resignation – which hilariously backfires – he finds himself in a chilling predicament in order to pursue his calling. A funny, albeit poignant watch.

Pavlo Lykhoviter deserves high praise and acclaim for stellar direction and for his mesmerizing portrayal as the lead. Esteban Die’s adept cinematography is more-than-certain to keep viewers hooked to the unfolding action – as will the accomplished editing (which gives the film a dramatic heartbeat). The overall short can easily be mistaken for an intro to a feature-length cinematic production. Unmissable viewing. Highly recommended.

Its Me Short Film


Runtime: 30 min
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