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A poignant AI-themed sci-fi drama about letting go.


Ellis E. Fowler’s science-fiction-drama showcase tells a poignant narrative that intertwines grief, letting go, and a futuristic ambiance. With one of the most intriguing strands of scientific elements on display to add depth and cinematic richness to the story, the narrative emerges as an entertaining slice of speculative fiction.

Fowler stars as Eric, a man struggling to come to terms with both marriage and a clandestine relationship, where he gives the plot wheels to address the central conflicts in his life. The story takes a twist as it explores new ideas in science and technology, which is thought-provoking.

Fowler is captivating throughout, giving depth and expression to the character arc subtle nuances. He’s well accompanied by Ester Jiron, who portrays Sarah with subtlety and expertise on screen throughout the film. Both artists shine by every scene they portray.

The technical chops are evident throughout the entire film production, featuring clean cinematographic work and incorporates some slick special effects to layer the film with sci-fi sparks.

Overall, Ellis E. Fowler’s short drama is a captivating and intelligent watch. With precise shot setups and stunning technical implementations, this short film conveys a story worth watching. Fowler as both writer and actor adds something extra special, which makes the movie truly memorable.

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Runtime: 12 min
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