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A sci-fi short that explores time-travelling.


Directed by Nitish Shankar from a screenplay by Balasurya Shanmugasundaram, ‘Continuum’ is a short sci-fi mystery that is certain to keep your brain doing over-time. The 30-minute film stars Nitish Shankar as Abhimanyu – a young man whose monotonous life proves uninspiring. Shankar Kumar stars as the future version of our protagonist.

Shot entirely within a home and in the Tamil language, Shankar’s short delves into the complexes of time-traveling – as a way to break the characters mundane lifestyle and reward him some hope. Abhimanyu’s life is unfulfilling – witness by the repetition of his daily routine. Mental health plays a major theme and is expressed admirable by Nitish Shankar’s performance. Abhimanyu educates himself in the intricate study of theoretical physics – his tool to crack transtemporal travel.

The 30-minute short is a slow burning drama to begin with, but takes a sudden twist into science fiction when a future Abhimanyu shows up at his door. A fascinating conversation soon develops which will keep viewers engaged and entertained. Cinematography, sound, editing and lighting is of cinematic standard and delivers a highly professional finish. ‘Continuum’ is not an easy watch for everyone, but those interested in the sci-fi genre will not be disappointed.

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