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Tell Tale Signs

A coming-of-age romance drama that explores mental health and abuse.


Written and directed by Ginevra Gentili, ‘Tell Tale Signs’ is a coming-of-age romance drama that takes a glimpse into the personal lives of Rhys and Claire – two strangers brought together in light of their own domestic struggles. The film explores themes of mental health, love, abuse and family. Frankie Wilson stars as Rhys, with Rebecca Birch as Claire. A heart-breaking narrative that doesn’t shy away from showcasing the perils of abuse.

The 20-minute film opens with a melancholic Rhys visiting a tattoo parlor. The film jumps back in time where we learn of his oppressed mother-son relationship. After bailing on his first day at work, sparked by a panic attack, Rhys obtains comfort from a stranger on the street, Claire. After initial dismissal, Rhys and Claire hit it off. Claire hesitantly confides in Rhys about her physically abusive relationship, which leads them to plotting a change of life for both of them. Without spoiling the narrative, the film takes a dark turn that poignantly showcases the ramifications of abuse.

Ginevra Gentili (Writer/Director) has created an outstanding film that will leave viewers wanting more. ‘Tell Tale Signs’ could easily be interpreted as Act 1 of a feature length movie. Strong characters, that are emotionally investible, are sharpened by praiseworthy performances from Frankie Wilson (Rhys) and Rebecca Birch (Claire). Visually, the film is enhanced by first-rate cinematography, lighting and post-production. ‘Tell Tale Signs’ essentially examines the emotional meaning behind a person’s tattoo. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 20 min
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