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Day by Day

A disturbing look at how modern society is affecting a mans mental health.


Written and directed by Morgan Mackerness, ‘Day by Day’ is an experimental character-study that explores the psychological consequences modern society is having on a young man. Morgan Mackerness stars as the central protagonist. The entire short is filmed in black and white. An intense drama that showcases scenes of anxiety.

The 4-minute film opens with the irritating sound of surfing through TV channels. We are then introduced to our unnamed protagonist as he sits, in isolation, at a bus shelter. The narrative is explained through character voice-over. Morgan Mackerness delivers a profound performance throughout as his character observes and critiques the “out of control” contemporary culture. The protagonist breaks the fourth-wall as if he is addressing the audience directly – potentially in blame for contributing to how society has ended up. Social media, the COVID-19 pandemic and topical civil unrest are particularly targeted. The film concludes with the character finding solace and freedom amongst nature.

Morgan Mackerness has created a powerful film that forces the viewers to confront a bleak view of society. The use of black-and-white cinematography aids the sombre tone. Technology, mainstream media and social media may have its advantages, but ‘Day by Day’ exposes the negative affects on mental health. Highly recommended.

Day by Day Short Film


Runtime: 4 min

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