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Roll Pin Punch

A poignant tale of female empowerment, sexuality and identity.


Debbie Vu’s short drama film presents a dynamic and engaging embodiment of two African American female fighters and the tangle of personal and identity-related issues they experience while grappling in a male-dominant sport. The fight sequences are tense and authentic, expertly choreographed. Anna Elizabeth and Maxine Eloi deliver compelling performances as the protagonists, with fantastic fight scenes taking the film’s narrative pulse to new heights.

Themes of identity, sexual orientation and female empowerment are thoughtfully integrated into the storyline. Notably, the plot is fresh and challenging, as it resonates with current and relevant societal issues. The film offers a unique and heartfelt take on the adversity that woman fighter face on the road to growth and recognition.

The directing, writing, sound design, and lighting work cohesively to amplify the narrative’s poignancy and energy. Andrew Bradford’s cinematography measures up with sharp, well-defined panoramas that beautify the image-base on many scenes.

Overall, Debbie Vu’s drama emerges as a masterpiece of short filmmaking. The poignant character-building themes explored are engaging and fresh, with the fight scenes resplendent with a sense of realism and excitement rarely seen in short films. The intertwining of the narrative, impressive fight sequences, great acting, and beautiful cinematography combine to give movie goers a blistering example of this genre. A fine, energetic, and thought-provoking short film.

Roll Pin Punch Short Film


Runtime: 12 min

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