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The Raven’s Prey

A gritty whodunit that will captivate and intrigue.


Benjamin Lebrun’s murder-mystery short film led by Étienne Masse as Detective Holden Jones takes audiences on a thrilling ride that is sure to captivate and intrigue throughout. The narrative, concretely rendered seemingly never missing a step within its dark corners, is the classic whodunit but spiced with something entirely hypnotic.

Filmed in Canada in French but further enhanced by astounding production design and beautiful cinematography, the setting adds rich visual cues – the glimmer, the muckiness – to engage with the classy mystery. Despite the dark mystery, with each passing moment, viewers get more and more caught up with the film’s intense undercurrent of drama.

Masse’s convincing acting and flawless charisma isn’t the only notable performance. Credit and a big applause are due to powerful post-production – responsible for an all-out deafening, atmospheric mood throughout.

Overall, Benjamin Lebrun’s whodunit is brashly realized as nothing short of the impeccable modern-day classic in mystery storytelling. The great interaction, the camaraderie of the suspects, death – everything is bound together by an air of elegant enchantment. This film brings exhilarating relevance to modern-day cinematic mores in this corner of the globe. It’s both tense and stunningly atmospheric making it endearing to anyone who is endeared to the mystery-thriller genre.



Runtime: 30 min
Genre: ,

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