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Ane Woman Ye Kent Not

An experimental documentary about a 17th century Scottish witch.


Karen Strang’s experimental documentary about the mythical Scottish witch Maggie Duncan is an interesting examination of Scottish folklore that may appeal to those interested in witchcraft, spirituality, and history. However, the poor production value of the film can make it a difficult watch to follow.

Despite its flaws, the documentary does a good job of recounting the backstory of Maggie Duncan and focusing on her history in the Clackmannanshire area of Scotland. The film combines interviews with experts, giving viewers a glimpse into the cultural significance of witchcraft in Scotland.

That being said, the lack of coherent storytelling and poor editing can make the film feel disjointed and haphazard at times. It can be difficult to follow along with the narrative, which undermines the potential impact of the documentary.

Overall, the documentary is worth a watch for those who are interested in the history and mythology of Scottish witchcraft. However, due to its low production value and lack of coherent storytelling, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Ane Woman Ye Kent Not


Runtime: 23 min

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