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Play This at My Funeral

A three-part drama about the value of music within our personal lives.


Written and directed by Ray Smiling, ‘Play This at My Funeral’ is a short comedic drama film that unveils the significant moments in life where a song becomes ingrained in our memories. Constructed of three short stories, the narrative exhibits some unforgettable, albeit quirky moments where music acts as a souvenir for recollection – and subsequently becomes the soundtrack of our lives. Themes of romance, identity and family are salient throughout and is entirely set in New York City.

The 8-minute short opens during the COVID-19 pandemic, where a young woman is being romantically pursued on the street by an eccentric man in a Spiderman mask. Later, whilst interacting with others on the street, he joyfully hops into a cab with another woman. The second narrative follows two strangers, that sit at opposite ends of a basketball court, who become engrossed in each-other’s rhythmic expression. The final tale explores the poignancy of music, as a young man recalls a moment in his life where a particular song connects him to a deceased family member.

Ray Smiling’s narrative intensions are undoubtedly admirable and is certain to make the viewer contemplate their own musical connections. The entire cast turn over respectable performances throughout – just enough to maintain engagement and intrigue. Daniel Vignal’s craftsmanship in cinematography warrants appreciation and praise – expect a cinematic-style finish. In spite of the drama’s anthology-style narrative, the backbone theme of music and rhythm is flawlessly retained – binding the stories into one endearing narrative. Highly recommended.

Play This At My Funeral


Runtime: 8 min
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