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A stop-motion animation with a salient environmental message.


Bismark Fernandes’ stop-motion animation ‘Expend’ is a visually stunning and thought-provoking allegory for humanity’s reckless and selfish extraction of natural resources. The short film follows a lonely man in a dystopian world who hunts and extracts “energy” from nature to provide temporary comfort for himself.

The animation, fabrication, and puppetry in this film are nothing short of amazing, with painstaking attention to detail evident in every frame. The dystopian landscape and machinery add to the story’s dark and eerie atmosphere, while the striking imagery and muted color palette make this film visually haunting.

The sound design is fantastic, cleverly amplifying the tension and emotional depth of the story, while the production quality is undoubtedly top-class. Despite the film’s lack of dialogue and minimalism, the narrative’s message is clear and impactful, presenting a commentary on the urgent need for us to reconsider our attitude towards nature and the environment.

Overall, Bismark Fernandes’ film is a powerful, beautiful, and striking work of stop-motion animation that showcases phenomenal production values with a strong authentic sentiment. This film is a great demonstration of the potential for animation as a medium for social commentary. Tackling a relevant issue in such a powerful, artistic approach that it will linger with viewers long after the final scenes. This is a must-watch!

Expend Short Film


Runtime: 4 min
Genre: ,

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