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A heartfelt tale of lost love.


Written and directed by Christian Davis, ‘Closure’ is a short drama film that delves into the reconnection of two lovers. Starring Robyn Rose (Zhane) and Trevon Fleming (Tristan), the narrative explores their characters fond nostalgia and their wounding breakup. Tayler Jones co-stars as Tristan’s pregnant wife (Lauren). The romance-themed short showcases themes of betrayal and loss with a poignant tone throughout.

The 28-minute drama opens with an impressive long-take as Zhane drives in a state of melancholy – a breath-taking performance (Robyn Rose) that deserves much adulation. Unfortunately, after that the pace of the narrative slows down which may thwart viewer engagement. Much of the succeeding narrative centers around their reunion meet-up (unbeknownst to Tristan’s wife) – as they both reflect on the by-gone era of their romance – leading to a resurgence of emotions.

In spite of several technical hiccups with sound and post-production, the technicality is well crafted with respectable cinematography and lighting. Robyn Rose steels the spotlight throughout with her commendable acting delivery – exceeding her co-stars by a country mile. In fairness, this is owed to Davis’ script that indisputably gives prominence to the character of Zhane. The drama is likely to spark recollections with the audience about their own lost love – so expect poignant viewing. Under Christian Davis’ adept direction, ‘Closure’ deserves credit for its heartfelt subject matter – a fearless examination of a broken romance and how ‘closure’ may be dangerous act to explore.

Closure Short Film


Runtime: 28 min
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