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Echo: My Autistic Truth

An experimental short that explores one woman’s autistic behaviours.


Fiona Rose Small’s short performance art explores the intricacies and nuances of her autism. The film is highly artistic, avant-garde and deeply personal. Fiona’s unusual behavior will finally tell the story that some people with autism may not usually share through verbal means.

The film expertly conveys Fiona’s inner world through magnificent shots of her performing, with no dialogue to detract from the focus. Instead, the visuals serve to illuminate and creatively showcase her unique behavior, which may startle some viewers but also provides an extraordinary insight into autism.

The overall construction of the film works in harmony with the individual elements, from the darkness and silence of the opening scenes, to the crystal clear lighting and sound that comes into play later on. The artistic direction in this film is exceptional.

Overall, Fiona Rose Small’s experimental film is a remarkable journey towards the understanding of autism explored through profound visual imagery and movement, resulting in a striking, distinctive, and moving tribute to the autistic experience. Though this film probably won’t be everyone’s preference, viewers with an appreciation for thoughtful performance art and those who seek to learn more about autism will undoubtedly be captivated. This film represents the potential that exists when art becomes an outlet and meaning-making podium for one’s personal experiences regardless of the medium.

Echo My Autistic Truth


Runtime: 8 min

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