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A Dull Roar, then Light

An experimental film that explores a woman’s self-discovery.


Written and directed by Brett Sixtysix, ‘A Dull Roar, then Light’ is an experimental film that explores one woman’s self-discover. Nicola Amerena leads the cast as the woman, with Gina Sterling, Isha Wildlion, Hannah Tullberg and Giuli Alsazia portraying different aspects of her womanhood. The narrative delves deep into sexuality, spirituality and fertility. The film is primarily shot in black and white, with pivotal scenes displayed in color. A subjective artistic creation that will captivate and resonate with a female audience.

The 18-minute fantasy opens with the woman wandering through a field. A portrait of the emotionally troubled subject, accompanied by harsh movable lighting, intercuts with various manifestations of her identity – represented by other women. A voice-over aids the story-telling. The visual narrative showcases her infancy, femininity, sexual discovery and eroticism, spirituality, fertility and pregnancy. The film doesn’t shy away from exploring titillating scenes of intimacy, albeit with an artistic purpose and by-no-means salacious. The film concludes with the melancholic woman in serenity with all aspects of her identity.

Brett’s extensive imagination is brought to life in this exploratory fantasy. A visually probing film that rewards viewers with an emotional journey from start to finish. The narrative may be hard to grasp for some, but the formation is certain to achieve appreciation. Nicola Amerena and the rest of the cast deliver bold performances that deserve high praise. Highly Recommended.

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Runtime: 18 min

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