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Bad Furniture

A poignant relationship drama with an outlandish narrative.


‘Bad Furniture’ is a poignant and introspective short written and directed by Randall Maxwell, which delves into the entangling complexities of relationships. Keene McRae’s portrayal of Ted, allows us to get a glimpse into the complex world of a man who feels devalued and unappreciated. The narrative is metaphorical, and through Ted’s experiences, Maxwell exposes the struggles and complexities of long-term relationships where power struggles dominate. Rhian Rees is excellent as Ted’s wife, Janet, and adds depth and believability to her character.

The cinematography by Filip Vandewal is breathtaking, and his exquisite artistry elevates the film further. The use of lighting creates an ethereal atmosphere in which the story unfolds, adding additional layers of emotion to this already enthralling tale.

Although there are moments of humor, ‘Bad Furniture’ predominantly tackles a serious subject matter, as it traverses the deeply affecting themes of love, relationships, and the human condition. It’s a universally poignant story that will resonate with anyone who has ever experienced the complexities of a long-term relationship.

Overall, ‘Bad Furniture’ is a masterfully crafted short film, with intricate and thought-provoking storytelling, stellar performances, and sublime cinematography. It’s a deeply-trenching and emotionally engaging masterpiece that exposes the roots of human interaction with thoughtful introspection, originality, and empathy. A must-watch film that will intrigue and touch many.

Bad Furniture


Runtime: 10 min
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