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Out of the Walls

A heartrending tale of grief and addiction.


Rendalee Singleton’s short drama film delivers an emotionally charged story that portrays the life of a mother going through a phase of addiction during a period of mourning. The narrative, written by Debi Yazbeck, follows the mother grieving the loss of her husband, and she is offered stepping stones of encouragement by her adolescent son (portrayed by Harrison Halewood), urging her to seek help.

The poignancy of the subject matter, the struggle to cope with loss, and the damaging nature of addiction to those who are already teetering, form the bedrock of the narrative drive. This creates an incredibly potent atmosphere of desperation, and one that increasingly pulls the viewer into the plot.

The cinematography and editing, which nicely fuel the story exposition, are commendable, capturing the heart-tugging sentiments of the story with warmth and depth. And as for the acting, resonating with greatness is Harrison Halewood’s standout performance. His emotional range is hit to the nines, portraying moving moments with perfectly measured pace and tone.

Overall, Rendalee Singleton’s short drama is a marvel that will move and inspire viewers. The heart-rendering atmosphere of this piece is significant and helps to bring the story alive. The film’s luminous narrative helps make the pain of coping with the bereavement tangible, making the experience seem like one that humanity can undertake with a little more clarity, regularity, and hopefulness. The performance by Harrison Halewood will linger in your memory, and the ending provides an inspiring message as a helping and healing sentiment for anyone on the road to recovery.

Out of the Walls Short Film


Runtime: 10 min
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